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Got tagged by meny-sempai Alright, round two!

rule 1: always post rules

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1. Would you rather be a samurai or a pirate? Why?

I think I ought to be samurai….Rogue one, like Mugen from Samurai Champloo - that kind of Samurai :D I just can’t see myself as rowdy pirate, but I’m not as loyal as your standard samurai. I’m the kind to follow my own path rather then dedicate my life to a master.

2. Your favourite quote?

"Relaxation is who we are, stress is what we think we should be” Ralph Smart :p

3. Do you tend to cry when you’re watching/reading/listening to something sad/happy? What makes you tear up?

Oh Giod yes, I’m like a fountain, espacially when I’m alone. You wont see me crying ugly in company though xD and it doesn’t take much to set me off either.

4. If you could be born again would you like to be an animal/a human/a machine? Which one?

Hmmm….Neither :D If I had to choose it’d be human but I would like to be born in different star system like Lyran, Pleidias or Arcturus x) I would like to experience perspective of some other race.

5. How would you call yourself if you lived in The Game of Thrones world? (make one up or take one that already exists)

Valar Morgulis :D

6. Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse and the gang?

…..Tom and Jerry I guess. They are freshest in my memory.

7. Which character (from a book, comic, TV series, movie, cartoon) would you like to be real?

Ouuuuh - Everyone from Baccano, except Ladd (he’s super crazy sonofabitch) and Fermet (h8 him) and we’ll be bff’s :D
There are too many more to count so I’ll just settle with that.

8. Pick a digimon

I watched that so long ago I forgot them all, sry xD (but I remember I liked blue one with stripes)

9. What are you afraid of? I mean really, really afraid of, a phobia-like afraid of.

I don’t have phobia-like fears…Closest thing that comes to that would be tobacco smoke cause it triggers memory of really bad asthma attack I had in elementary school and thought of not being able to breathe feels really scary and back in the day it took a lot for me not to freak out and get panic attack (which is what causes asthma attck to begin with) every time I see smoke in the air xD By managing that fear aspect “reactions” are not as bad anymore.

10. What do you think it’s your number one quality?

Well…I am a good listener? Unconditional acceptance? xD I know, that sounds so cliche, but you can confide to me whatever shit, your darkest thoughts and secrets  and chances are I wont judge you for having them. I can see myself saying something like “It’s ok, that’s human too” maybe I’ll try to become your therapist while I’m at it xDDD….

11. If you are a superhero what is your catch phrase?


Ok that\s it for this round, I’ll skip tagging part, already did that xD Don’t want to bother people again (I’m still expecting virtual brick from previous round xD)

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I was tagged by pinkspidernanoda
…Oh well, might as well….. xD


rule 1: always post rules

rule 2: answer the questions from the person who tagged you asked, and write 11 new ones

rule 3: tag 11 people and link them to the post

rule 4: actually tell them you tagged them.

1. Favorite artist?

I don’t know! I appreciate a lot of different artists….If I had to pick I’ll say either Miwa Shirow or Hiroaki Samura, because discovering their stuff was one of my first concrete turning points in search for my own “style” , but right now I have various influences, mostly from concept art/ character design industry.

2.  Describe  how does your room look like.

Empty. It’s because of the walls I bet. There’s nothing on them aside from dead mosquitos and I’m trying not to crowd it too much with stuff (even though I want to) because dust cleaning is such a drag as it is (dust alergies).

3.  What do you think about your body?

It’s….Very uncomfortable living in it, if we’re benig honest (100 pounds overweight) >___> Some days more then others. In order to deal with discomfort I’m dissociated from it most of the time, but that only tends to make things worse when I “come back” to it T___T but other then that I don’t have much issues with it. I could’ve ended up much worse health-vise so I gotta give it some props for pulling through this well so far xD

4.  Are you introvert of extrovert?

Introvert xD

5.  Favorite book?

"Lord of the Rings" triology. I still love them and I’ve read them first time in elementary school so….I’d say that’s my all time favorite xD
From the ones I recently read I loved George Orwel’s “Animal Farm” and “1984”

6. Favorite ice-cream flavor? 

Vanilla with any sweet fruit.

7. Which Hogwarts house are you in?

Lol, no idea…I remember when I did one of those quizzes I was in…..Hufflepuff? Realy?! xD

8. Where are you from?

Serbia xD

9. Do you have some kind of place in your town where you like to spend your free time?

I like to visit Coffee Dream place with my friends, but I don’t really have any place I like to go to. Sometimes I like to go to Ada Ciganlija to stare at the water, or park. Spending time at places like that can feel comforting when there’s need for it.

10. What music genre do you like?

At the moment I’m listening a lot of Jrock/Jpop and ZnTerror OST  so…yeah, I like that I guess xD but in general I’m open to other genres too.

11. Which song describes your personality?

None comes to my mind. If I ever related to a song it would be because it happened to resonate with my current emotional state, but with personality ….No. I don’t think I have one….

My questions

1. What color makes you feel safe?
2. Imagine world where money doesn’t exist and survival is not an issue, what would you like to do in your life?
3. What is your favorite number (or number combination)?
4. To you, life is what? Life is - 
5. Favorite childhood meal?
6. Do you have a pet?
7. Without defining yourself by your name, age or gender, who are you?
8. What’s your favorite TV show? Current and All-time favorite?
9. Who (or what) inspires you?
10. What’s your favorite hot beverage?
11. If you could learn to do anything Matrix style. what would that be and why?

Sorry if philosophical questions make your head hurt, and if others don’t make much sense xD

Yuushin out!

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